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Beauty care for tail and mane 

We are always looking for the best products for the beauty of our horses. Developing a professional quality range therefore became an obvious choice. With our professional experience in hairdressing, creating a simple and effective range became our goal. The subtle combination of natural virtues and quality chemistry has enabled us to develop care products, detanglers and shampoos. The Horshair Beauty Horse Concept is the ideal protocol for achieving and maintaining quality tails and manes with shine, softness and moisture.

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"A top range and easy to use! It's just perfect." -Sylvie

" First use on Fortesa and you can already see the difference! Thank you for your help." -Elodie

" The best!!! I have been using these products for some time and what a change. Easy to use, doesn't grease and you don't have to use much..." -Gégé